Want to move gas meter

Hi. I want to slightly move my gas meter. It is located under the stairs but can only be accessed via a small window in the kitchen. I would like to have it turned around so meter faces the opposite way and can be accessed from under the stairs. Is this a service you provide and how much would it cost?

If you’ll be taking a smart meter, it probably makes sense to wait for that if you can put up with it until some point later this year?

If not, I think it’s £95 based on this thread

@phproxy, I don’t believe that the Smart Meter install would facilitate a meter move. Typically they have the same standard width and location of where the gas pipes connect, so a new meter would just slot in where the old one was. The mains side normally has a flexible pipe to allow some movement.
Rotating/moving the meter would involve changes to the house gas side where pipes are normally fixed copper.

@mowcius I’d assumed they wanted it turned to make it easier to read the meter, which wouldn’t be an issue with a smart meter/not their problem?

Hey EviP please do give us a call to get a quote as it does depend on how far you want it to be moved. The typical rate for moving a gas meter is £185.21.