Want to open up an account for my parent who do not have the internet

Am trying to open an account for my parents who do not have the internet, was told I could open up account using my email address, but when I try it tells me to sign into my original account, need some help please?.
Many thanks

If you’ve got a Gmail account (or many other providers - but not Office365 for reasons), you may be able to use plus addressing in the format: myexistingemailaddress+parents@gmail.com or myexistingemailaddress+bulb2@gmail.com . Not a perfect fix, but a workaround (hopefully Bulb will support multiple supplies under one account).

Hey both- it is possible to manage two accounts from the same email address. You just need to use the same password when you sign up the second property. Eleanor has spoken to @kimbles_N55 and got this sorted. Things are obviously a little more complicated if their are different customers using the same email address as in this case.