Want to switch from dual rate meter directly to single rate smart meter


I am on Economy 7 at the moment but are moving to single rate when we have a heat pump central heating installation. I have asked and was told I would have to have my meter changed to a single rate meter and pay £120 for this privilege then you can install a smart meter for me. Quick question, why cannot I go from a 2 rate meter directly to a single rate smart meter?


Hi @Planky,

Thanks for reaching out on Community. :raised_hands:

Do you have storage heaters at the moment? On the proviso that you don’t have storage heaters, we’d be able to install a smart meter for yourself for free, and then request a change of tariff to a single rate. We don’t have an exact timeline for the tariff change switch-over at the moment though unfortunately, but I’m happy to check for you if you can let me know about the storage heaters.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Freya :bulb:

Hello Freya,

Thanks for replying.

Yes we do have night storage heaters at the moment, though they are not in use and will be removed in a couple of months when we have a heat pump central heating system installed.

When you fit the smart meter will you be removing the radio receiver switch for the current Economy 7?


Hey @Planky

We’d need an electricians report just to confirm the 5th terminal (5th wire coming from the bottom of your meter) isn’t in use anymore. Would be worth doing this when they’re removed I reckon?

If that’s confirmed we should be able to install a meter which can be switched to a single rate tariff.

– H :bulb:

Hi Holly,

I’ll get them do do a report when they remove the night storage heater Consumer unit.


@Planky great! let us know when that’s done and we’d be happy to help out with the meter exchange :relaxed: