Wanted Gas, but leaving electric for somebody else

i Wanted Gas, but leaving electric for somebody else, but it seems you can only have Electric, or both, not one or the other…so i’ll have to leave altogether, what a shame, i’ve been quite happy with Bulb, up until now…

Bulb’s gas price is still way higher than other suppliers. Why would you want just gas anyway?

They’re a lot cheaper than EDF, who’s the cheapest ??

Depends on where you live. I’d suggest trying one of the many comparison sites.

Let me know if you’d like a £50 referral to Octopus Energy :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on prepay, i tired octopuss, but don’t think that they do prepay metres?.

See: https://octopus.energy/help-and-faqs/categories/all/prepayment-meters/

Thanks, i’ll take a look and come back to you :slight_smile:

I had to email them first, for them to add me to their list, i was going to go with them before i went to Bulb, but didn’t accept prepayment meters, seems they do now…

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