Warm discount vouchers

How do I apply for the Home warm discount voucher

go to the help button at the bottom of this page you will find a link to apply for WHD(the supplier you were with in JULY 2019 is responsible for your WHD, if you weren’t with bulb in that month.

Hi just switched from npower to bulb, usually get WHD have left before they have sent.

Do I reapply for this years payment with bulb, surely the 140 must be going somewhere…

NO Npower should pay it as you were with them in July

Thanks for reply. They told me that if I leave them they will not pay and will have to reapply with new supplier.

I have just checked the WHD Q&A and they advise staying with your old supplier until you receive it(broader group) just dog it and reapply with bulb, one of them should pay it