Warm heating allowance

Just to reiterate what others have said. Why are you only giving a reduction/allowance to those who can already get help with heating. IPensioners, those with children, & those with an accepted disability can already apply for help. It’s single people running a house alone on benefits, & couples who are both out of work who get the least in help & are struggling the most, having to choose between heating & showering, with more & more falling behind in bills getting into debt & possibly ending up homeless. People who may have chosen not to have children they can’t afford, don’t deserve to be cold at Christmas either. My mother is in her 60s, lives alone, & has little chance of finding full time work, but because she is a few years short & doesn’t have children she gets no help at all, while a friend a few years older who has owns his own home & has a private pension gets an automatic £200 payment. And then there’s all the people waiting for an application to prove disability, tribunals for PIP are now on an average waiting list of a YEAR. Just another thing you have to try & find proof for only to be rejected again. Why not just give less, but to more people, or give a smaller amount to low income but less vulnerable. More out of touch bureaucracy. Well this Christmas I won’t be using your heating I’ll be staying with my mother so that we can afford SOME heating.

Hi @Desertangel

We’re sorry to hear that your Mum is not eligible for the Warm Home Discount with Bulb. This has obviously caused yourself and your Mum some difficulty.

We currently use the recommended criteria provided by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

This is the first year that Bulb has offered the Warm Home Discount to its members. We may be able to expand our criteria for the Broader group in the future and offer it to more members. Your feedback is crucial to helping us with this.

Although the criteria for who is part of the Broader Group is a decision that Bulb makes, the amount of money that eligible member’s receive is decided by the Government. Therefore we could not reduce the amount that we pay to each member.

If you’d like to raise a formal complaint, could you please send me a private message with your Mothers details?