Warm home application form

Can someone please send me were the application gorm is to apply for the warm home energy grant for the broader criteria

Me too please ! I had set a reminder on my calender for today logged in to find no applications or links on the website, It is first come first served for the broader group not surprising people are keen and want to get started asap Bulb

Exactly its a joke that’s how they get away with turning your application down by the way their were to many I had all this last year when my application was unsuccessful with utilita because the customers from the previous year were guaranteed to receive it before any other applications JOKE NO LIVE CHAT FOR BULB EITHER

OMG really that is isn’t good I didn’t know they worked it like that I hope Bulb arent the same, I only moved to bulb this year I managed to get it each year I was with southern to I am hoping Bulb aren’t going to be an issue. Fingers crossed they will let us know what it what asap, I have also sent and email to them on their help desk email

If you don’t mind me asking are you a credit or pre payment customer

I am a credit customer

Has anyone had any luck on getting the link yet. Reading the comments I’ve never had it before where it’s been turned down for to many ppl and I’ve had it for quite a few yrs with my old supplier

Yes why no application form I applied last year but for the life of me can I remember how. Maybe it appears at 9 am is that when the office part opens ? Fingers crossed

no luck yet, like Jjb said fingers crossed for a 9am update to the web, hopefully everyone gets it

Hi everyone,

The Warm Home Discount Broader Group applications are now live - just head over to your Bulb Account to register.

Bulb have a large WHD allocation this year, so we don’t expect our applications to close anytime soon. If you start the application online, we’ll even save your spot in the queue so that you don’t miss out.

You can find all of the relevant information online, but please let me know if you have any further questions.

Right I rang in and spoke to a lady who told me to Log into my Bulb account once logged in go to the address bar remove the word Dashboard and type in warm-home-discount (you can also try this link through it may not work- https://whd.bulb.co.uk/new-application ) It will take you to the page where you can fill in your application you will be able to scan in, take a photo or post the docs they need. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

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Just called Melissa at bulb she was great just sent me the link or go on to your account again. If no luck search for telephone number and call them

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Thanks for the info William, I have part done my application as I have to wait a few days to be able to send over the docs, It did say it had saved and had sent me a link to I haven’t had a link as yet, is there a way I can confirm I am in the queue please? many thanks

Hey @MelissaW02,

I can see that you’ve started your Warm Home Discount application, and that we’re automatically saving your spot in the queue.

This will give you plenty of time to send over any relevant documents, not that we expect our applications to close by then anyway.

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Hi William

Got my ‘Proof of your eligibility’ files uploaded - but no confirmation or anything. Just ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Continue’ buttons. Hitting ‘Continue’ - just takes me back to the file upload section. Screen grabbed it. (Using Chrome). ‘Save and Close’ does just that. Is that it complete?

Also, I don’t seem to be getting emails from you … I HAVE checked my spam filters etc.
(computer literate)

Hi, Please can you tell me if my online application is OK. I don’t have any email confirmation as yet. If you could that would set my mind at rest. kind regards.

How did you get it to work it dont for me

Same here it dosent work! If you save and close it does nOT SEND ANYTHING doing my head in

Changed browser - don’t know how I missed it, but there is a green ‘CONTINUE’ button on the LEFT - opposite the SAVE AND CLOSE. Then when all done it gives confirmation and I got a confirmation email from BULB. HTH

Yes but it didnt work earlier but it seems ok now
I mailed them and got a reply within the hour and their tech team are going to have a look at it :smiley: