Warm home application form

I’m glad that’s been sorted for everyone. We had a few technical issues earlier, so thanks for bearing with us.


Same problems for a bit. So just decided to restart the Application - upload the same files, etc and worked fine, got a conformation page and the email this time :slight_smile:

EDIT – it is ok,I thought when bulb was asking for the disability premium on the next ,I got mixed up with that

Does anyone know if the broader group criteria is different for each supplier?

I ask because I have been Ok with E-ON each year just ticking the “IR ESA SUPPORT GROUP” box.

But with bulb It seems I don’t qualify as I don’t have the “In addition part”

I have only been a bulb member for a month.So I may need to port back to E-ON?


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I have always got the discount with British gas too as I’m on ESA but with bulb I don’t qualify. If I want the discount I’ll have to move providers.

I called and spoke to a CS agent, they told me British Gas’s acceptance is ‘wider’ than bulbs and advised me to switch back to British Gas.

Hmmm, as it goes for me the new E-on deal is cheaper all round, so think I will switch back.

If you don’t mind me asking, you don’t have to answer, what is your benefit.

I got sent an email to apply today for my warm home discount, but when i go onto my account it just says go to community, not much of an account page.
I am just new to bulb.


It’s the same for me every link just takes me back to community I’m getting nowhere I think I will be switching supplier I get this grant every year with no problem else where I can’t even apply with it with these.

Yeah i don’t know what kind of online account it is but all i see is go to community.

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Hi William I’m trying to apply in my wife’s name ,she also on account but it’s saying the date of birth is invalid although it’s entered in correct format ?

I can’t get it as well.ive always got it with E-on so I’ll be moving back to them tonight.i knew bulb was too good to be true!

I’m having trouble with the form it’s saying my date of birth is wrong like not recognising any date that I enter.

I’ve lost my winter warmers discount because I moved from E-on to bulb.THANKS A LOT!!!

I can’t find the application link redirects me back to log in page dispute being logged on

Mines the same can’t find the application anywhere

@Garyham38 @xcrazycurlsx @taramariegibson @kerrybogan

I’ve just reset your Bulb Account and sent an email with log-in instructions. Once you’ve chosen a new password, you’ll be able to apply for the Warm Home Discount using this link.

Let me know if you need anymore help that.