Warm home discount 2020

Hi. I applied for the WHD when the applications first opened. Applied and heard nothing. Wondering if I’m accepted for this because now I’m stressing about paying my bills and really need this help


I’ve not had anything either but I know people have already received it :frowning: with my other supplier I had no issues with whd. I was really hoping to get mine before Christmas

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Same here there was a thread about it DWP are doing audits on our applications before they let bulb pay out , according to Georgie at bulb it will be paid in 2 month that’ll be the 27/12 for me ( watch this space ) I am in broader group , not core group though.

Same, I applied, Found out on live chat it had been accepted and would be paid within 2 weeks, that came and went, then got told by end of December, then start of Jan, and today was given a phone number to call for an update and the folks there directed me back to Bulb.

Was meant to have started a new job 2 weeks ago but thats been delayed now we’re tier 4 so am stressing a bit about it all as well tbh.

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I am in the same boat.
I applied back in Oct 2020 for the WHD with Bulb and… NOTHING!! No communication at all (except my application had been received) and no information on the website ‘Help’ section as to what is happening with the payment.
I only joined Bulb as they were cheaper than the ‘Big’ companies but at least previously when I was with E-ON they kept me in the loop with regards to my WHD and my application was always accepted because of my personal situation (and this has NOT changed since then!!) and it may be the case that with the WHD my E-ON bills were cheaper than Bulb without it. I am seriously thinking of changing back because of this.
THIS is the only bugbear I have with Bulb… the total lack of communication BUT saying that it is also a HUGE concern to me as my mental health can’t cope with ‘the unknown’!!

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Similar experience here too! Received WHD last yr from Bulb. Referred my friend to Bulb this year and we both applied on day applications opened. She received hers within 2 weeks. This time I was not asked to provide my proofs (assumed as Bulb had given me before and would cross reference with DWP) but e-mailed to clarify just in case. Bulb confirmed my application had successfully gone through and was with validation team. Further, was told to expect payment within 2 weeks. 2 weeks passed so I e-mailed again as expected this prior to Christmas and increasing gas bills. Was then told there has been an issue at Post Office end? However, had I not contacted them again to ask, I would be none the wiser. Why not e-mail all customers who are sitting expecting this? Very poor communication indeed. I wastold to expect payment in January now… no further correspondence as yet. So we will see!?

Has anyone had the WHD yet? I applied September and had an email saying it would be 2weeks just before Christmas but still had nothing

Still not for me as yet. Interesting, how Bulb have not replied to this topic as yet. Granted Christmas/NY Holidays but the original poster raised this 13 days ago now!! Very poor communication from Bulb again!!

I just keep getting told within 2weeks OR end ov January🤨 but last year it came thru that quick I wasn’t even expecting it for a while down the line. Hope you get it sorted tho Emma.

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It would appear we are all being told different things, if anything at all! Last year I did not receive mine till start of Feb I believe which was fine. It was the fact that my neighbour I referred, received hers within two weeks. This was what made me query my application and clarify that they did not need to see my proofs again this time. And now the story keeps changing and clearly others are being told different from me too. Absolutely no need for this added stress and anxiety in the middle of a Pandemic when the majority have taken a severe dip in their income. Bulb could at least come back and clarify the position for us! Thanks hun, hope u get sorted soon too x

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Phoned and was told DWP were checking some claims and mine was one of them. How can we budget and know if we xan afford tk put heating on if we don’t know if we are eligible?

I contacted them on live chat and got confirmation I will get but was told it could be as long as march 31 before discount is applied

Hi everyone, just thought I would come back to inform you all that I have just received my WHD via e-mail. So get checking your e-mails everyone and I hope everyone who is eligible also has theirs too! Thanks :blush:

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I spoke with chat about a week and a half ago told there was a delay in sending out vouchers and to expect in 2wks. Thought it was weird considering that they were sending via email last year lol

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You must be born under a lucky star !! Nothing here but I am in the broader group and won’t have a voucher it will go on my balance as a credit

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Sorry to hear u have heard nothing yet, I hope you will not be too much longer :pray: I cannot fathom how Bulb process these applications. I am in the broader group too, as was my friend who I referred. I received it from Bulb last year whilst she only switched to them from the June. She received her credit on her bill within two weeks whereas I have only just received my e-mail for the voucher to go on my key now. It is baffling!! Good Luck and hopefully it is any day now for you! xx

I was told exactly the same as you Emma, on 22nd December… was confused what they meant also :confused: given the fact it comes via e-mail! Well hopefully, you should also receive yours any day now. Good Luck x

Hi all - I’m very sorry for the delay in getting back to this!

I’m going to take a look at each of your accounts individually, but I just wanted to confirm our process as I appreciate some of you have received confusing information.

We opened our applications in October, and ordinarily applications take 2-3 months to process, as some applications are selected by DWP for an audit. Once this has been done, we’ll add the payment to your account (if you’re a credit member), but if you’re a prepayment member, we need to coordinate with the Post Office to get the payment voucher sent out via email. These vouchers have a barcode that you can then use to top up your electricity / gas.

@EmmaC83 @emmalouisedi I believe this is what my colleague was referring to when they mentioned the vouchers - rest assured these are sent by email.

@Darren3 The end of March is the very latest the payment could be issued, however this depends on when you submitted your application.

Unfortunately, there has been a delay due to formatting issues with the Post Office payment vouchers. For those of you who were told a fixed date (within 2 months of your application), I believe this technical issue is causing the additional delay. We’re hoping to get all applications that have been delayed by this issue paid by the end of January.

Please look out for a private message from me, as I’ll drop each of you who have expressed concern an update on your applications.


Hi would you please check my account to see if I’ve been successful for the warm home discount . I have looked through the help pages and can’t find anything that will tell me. I have also typed the message in to the chat buy got nowhere. Thanks sally

Hi Jim, thank you for coming back to clarify a few issues/confusions that have arose from this. I believe it is the fact different Bulb staff were telling us all different things that has caused the anxiety over it. Your reply was very thorough and I hope that eligible people reading it, will now feel reassured that they have not been over-looked or missed out. Thank you.

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