Warm Home Discount 2022/23

Will there be a Warm Home Discount this winter? I successfully received £140 last time and the application closing day was late August.

I’m not sure you’ve got the closing date correct. Generally applications open around September/October and close around March (at the very latest).

Apparently, the scheme is being revised this year:

  • the amount is going up to £150
  • the eligibility criteria are changing somewhat (principally, non-means-tested disability benefits will no longer qualify)
  • it’s expected to be an automatic payment to most who are eligible (there may be a few who have to apply)

The August date mentioned by the OP may be in relation to the date by which you need to have submitted a claim for one of the qualifying benefits, if you’re not already in receipt of one. 21st August for that.

The revisions to the scheme also specify that you must have high energy bills - further information to be provided in due course explaining exactly what that means.

Hi @alanhunter :wave: Welcome to the community. There will be a Warm Home Discount this year, and we’ll announce details of the scheme for 2022 to 2023 in the Autumn.
There are 2 ways you can qualify:

  • in the ‘core group’ you don’t need to apply
  • in the ‘broader group’ - you need to apply when applications can be made.
    To can check if eligible here.

@stevefoster is correct that the amount appears to be increasing to £150 with Ofgem’s latest update about this on 8 August and @norman7115 is correct that there are certain eligibility requirements. However, in the current climate these may change again, but when things are finalised we will announce it - Lloyd :zap:

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