Warm Home Discount £300

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I hope you are keeping well.
I received a letter to say i receive £300 fuel payment because i was born before 20 September 1940 and also receive pension credit.

I also have a credit on the account i would like refunded back to my account.

Please advise, thank you.

Hi @jpsekhari41 - welcome to the Bulb Community!

It sounds like you’re part of the Core Group for the Warm Home Discount, so you should receive this payment automatically to your account. This payment is £140.

We can issue a refund of any credit in excess of one month’s monthly payment. I’ve sent you an email about this now. :slight_smile:

Nope, it sounds as if the £300 is Winter Fuel Payment, see: https://www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment

@Allanr Thanks - the process for the Winter Fuel Payment is slightly different, and depends on whether you’ve claimed this before. This payment is granted by the government, whereas the Warm Home Discount is paid through the energy supplier.

@jpsekhari41 If you have any questions about the Winter Fuel Payment process, please reply to the email I’ve sent you regarding your refund and I’ll be happy to help.

Just to clarify, the winter fuel payment “£200” (in jp’s case £300 because he’s over 80) is paid directly into your bank account along with your state pension by the DWP.
The WHD is paid by the DWP through your energy supplier(core and broader group who qualify.
PS you also receive an additional £25 for each week the temp, is 0 or below

Hi I applied for my warm home discount but haven’t received any confirmation email that says I’m getting it, I sent in all the relevant paperwork etc as I’ve not long been a bulb customer I’m worried I’ll fall through the cracks and miss out and I can’t afford to let that happen as we’re all disabled in the house.

Hi Jim,

Thank you for resolving quickly, much appreciated.

My response was a little convulated. I was trying to point out that the Subject title which says Warm Home Disount £300 isn’t correct. The £300 relates to Winter Fuel Payment for those over 80. Perhaps the title should be changed to avoid confusion?

Hi @Jo-K73, I can confirm we’ve received your application for this year :+1:

Broder group applications need to go through the DWP’s auditing process before we can confirm you’ll be receiving the payment for this winter, but as long as you’ve submitted the correct evidence then this will be fine and you’ll get the £140 payment.

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Ok thank you Matthew :grinning: