Warm Home discount and JSA

I applied quite a while ago for my Warm Home Discount. At the time I was not receiving JSA , and sent a copy of letter saying that although I was unemployed i had run out of NI credits. This has now been reinstated and i have my benefit JSA. I was made unemployed at the start of the |Pandemic last year, received no furlough payments or benefits , so this payment would help a lot. When if at all will I get it and can a new letter of Benefit received be submitted. Thanks all

dont hold your breath Bulb are blaming dwp for hold ups and highly unlikely you will get it as its no most likely too late sorry too say

Hi @meljat

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I can see that you have already submitted your application, this will be audited and if there are any questions about the application you will be contacted about this before the 31st March and asked for any further evidence.

Which is the deadline for giving the WHD.


My Warm Home Discount hit my Bulb account today. Thankyou. Its a great help.

Glad you’ve got it. Bully for you.

All I’m getting from Bulb re this WHD is excuses about “audits”, increased DDs, and tumbleweed. Lots of tumbleweed. Very unhappy; if they don’t pony up I’m off to Octopus. Service of late has been shocking; are they circling the drain?

Hi @BWo - it looks like my colleague has sent you an email about this with an update on your Warm Home Discount application. Could you get back to us there if you have any more questions? :slightly_smiling_face: