Warm home discount application decision

I applied for the discount the first day it opened. I sent further proofs in as requested but i have not heard anything since. Im left hanging wondering if i will get help or not. On a tight budget of only £35 a month for gas and electricity it will be very helpfull to recieve it sooner rather than later

I am exactly the same. The first day the application opened I applied. Can’t remember the date but have heard nothing from them. Can someone please let me know something?

Hey @jay.s & @claireoff,

Firstly, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community Claire :partying_face:

Apologies that neither of you have heard anything from us or the DWP, I took a look into your accounts and I can confirm that both of your WHD applications have been successfully accepted :relaxed:

Right now the DWP issued a statement saying they’re having issues sending out the £140 WHD post office vouchers, they haven’t given us a timeframe just yet, they aim to issue these by the end of the year. Apologies that I cannot give a more exact answer as we’re just as in the dark on this as you are. :pensive:

I just wanted to reassure you since both of your applications were successful, you are guaranteed to receive your WHD payment sooner or later!

Can you check mine please Trevor thanks
Angela Davies

Hey @casinoang,

I see that the DWP have successfully received your application on the 25th November at 1:02am, it is currently in the process of getting audited by them.

They get audit in batches each month, could you send us an email or get in touch with us in 2 weeks time so we can see if they have accepted your WHD application?

You will receive a finalised answer by 31st March 2021 at the very latest, I see you submitted your application on the 27th October, so you do have a good chance!

Thanks Trevor I will e mail on this forum

Hi, i have heard about my application, i applied back in october

So did I I think it’ll be a while for me as I am in the broader group not core I applied 27/10 the minute applications were allowed & confirmation e mail immediately that it had been received, DWP auditing a few of us . Plus there’s back logs I think .

have they recieved mine for audit i applied the day it opened thank you

Could my application be checked please

Hi @martin4, I’ve just popped you an email as I couldn’t find an account for you.

@evo and @rachael.tufts, your applications are in the audit stage currently, we’ll be in touch as soon as we have any more information!


Could my application be checked, please, as well.

Hi there Trevor, any news regarding my application? I sent it pretty much as soon as it became available.

Hi @punx1965 and @BWo,

I have just checked both your accounts now, and can confirm that your applications are currently also in the audit stage. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have more information for you!

Kind regards,

Hi you surely should be contacting DWP to find out if there is backlogs on this audit it’s depths of winter we are all worried bout bills etc


Can you please check the status of my application also. I understand that there is a back-log at DWP with regards to the WHD but it would calm my mind tremendously if I knew at what stage my application was at.
Thank you kindly.

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I also applied on the first day applications were opened up, could you please find out where mine is up to as well? also happy 2021

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Hi Trevor, and Happy New Year!
Just wondering if Bulb have chased up DWP for a further update to your post ie. DWP did not manage to have the vouchers issued by end of the year. What is the current update on their position? Thanks.

Hi @decembersangel - we’re still waiting to get your audit result back from the DWP, we’ll be in touch as soon as we know more.

@wizardhat76 and @EmmaC83 I see a note on your accounts that you got an email with your voucher yesterday! Let me know if thats not the case.


Thank you Georgie, I did receive mine yday. Thank you for coming back to us x