Warm home discount confirmation

Has anyone actualy had confirmation of WHD yet 2019/2020 ?

My application is in since day of bulb accepting WHD form online.
I don’t expect to hear until next year maybe from jan or Feb hopefully.

Thanks for applying for the Warm Home Discount. We’ll review your application and get in touch if we have any questions. This could take up to two months.

I did mine a few weeks ago when I got an email from Bulb. Not heard anything yet.

Can i ask where you found the form?



Thankyou,but i meant where on the page did you find the form?


Not sure as mine now goes straight to application received.


Seems the app page is currently down
Maybe you could call Bulb they are very helpful over tel or e-mail help@bulb.co.uk
Not sure of their Tel number though that e-mail address is very helpful mark it Help to save 2019/2020 urgent Application request

The Warm Home Discount application is temporarily down. Please try again later.

I have received the £140 stay warm grant with other suppliers over the last 5 years the form bulb ask you to fill in is quick and simple if you receive housing benefit and disabled benefit DLA/PIP/ You should have no problem just scan your proof and send I applied a few weeks ago and have had no confirmation yet, But I am not going to worry about it. it, usually gets paid directly into your account around January.

I think its worth mentioning the stay warm grant with all suppliers is based on first come first served and its not a guarantee I would advise anyone who qualifies to get in touch with bulb as they seem to be having problems with that section of the website.

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Put my form in on day one of it opening . Sent my ESA awards with links showing the support group automatically gives the claimant the enhanced disability payment and its not on the forms.I see since they have amended the web page saying this.

I think its crazy this is not all sorted before it gets cold so you know you have the spare to be warm whereas now I am avoiding putting my heating on in case i do not get it

Had it before with other suppliers