Warm Home Discount Credit

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So I have the £140.00 Warm Home discount payment in my Bulb account.
I have done a energy comparison on my supply and can save £XX.XX a month on gas & electric supply from another supplier.

What I want to know is If I leave Bulb, will I get my £140 Warm Home Discount credit transferred into my Bank account or will I end up loosing the credit?

Thank you.

Hi @volvo :wave:

If you’ve received the Broader Group Warm Home Discount payment and are looking to switch away, we’ll issue your final bill within 4-6 weeks of your start date with your new supplier. At this point, we’ll refund any remaining balance in the account.

If you’re planning to apply for the Warm Home Discount for 2020-21, make sure you complete an application with your new supplier.

why pray tell does it take you 4 to 6 weeks?

Have a read of: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360016445831-What-happens-when-you-switch-to-Bulb if it is longer than 6 weeks the supplier has to pay £30 compensation.

It takes up to 4 weeks for the handover meter readings to be “verified” (for some definition of verification that doesn’t include anyone with authority actually looking at the meter) and then potentially a further 2 weeks for the refund to process through the banking system.

Yeah 4 weeks for an algorithm to collate opening reading and previous data. This will take a computer a millisecond . Same as the bank transfer which also happens pretty much instantly now

Don’t know about the former, but for the latter remember the modern banking system is like an onion. It’s compiled COBOL at the centre, with long since lost source code, that no one really understands what it does any more, followed by layer after layer of service wrappers to make transactions look like they’re happening way faster than they really are. Most business transactions still use all these old systems with overnight reconciliation that means a transfer takes days to complete. A refund from an energy supplier to a customer wont go via Faster Payments.

but it should . It is 2020 and coders have the time to sort it seeing as they can not go out lol