Warm Home Discount delays

I made my application on the 27th October 2020 and got my email back stating “we have the application”, however I’m a little troubled by current situation with covid affecting millions and wondered will this cause further delays with payments and or whd dwp checks. Does anyone know how long we wait to get any update.?

Hi @apm.llp,

Thanks for your post. I can confirm we’ve received your application, and we’ll be getting the WHD voucher to you as soon as possible. We’ll be in touch via email when we’re ready to get that sent. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Many thanks and I wish all a safe and happy Christmas holidays.

@apm.llp Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

I just received a test email to my email by bulb, I wondered if this was intentional and why.?

Hi just came here to say that I have just received my WHD voucher via e-mail so get checking your e-mail and I really hope that yours has arrived too! Thanks :blush:

Hey @apm.llp Sorry about that e-mail, That was a technical issue that has been sorted now, Please ignore it, We will ensure that does not happen again.

@EmmaC83 Glad to hear you have received the WHD Voucher :grinning: