Warm home discount form 2

Where is the form to apply for the warm home discount?

See the help page, https://help.bulb.co.uk, enter “Where is the form to apply for the warm home discount?” in the search box.

Thankyou,but that just takes you back to community?

I think you’ve done something wrong. At what point precisely did you end up back at community? When you click that link you should see a page with a big search box at the top next to “How can we help?” along with six boxes containing links to other help categories. One of them is “Extra help for members” with “The Warm Home Discount” at the top.

If you enter search terms in the search box you get a list of results.

Did you get that far or does it take you to community before then?

It takes me straight to the community.

Hi @mikelisamagic - you weren’t going crazy, we needed to reset your Bulb Account before you were able to use the Warm Home Discount form from within your account.

I’ve just done that for you, so you will now be able to apply using this link.

Let me know if you have any queries about that.