Warm Home Discount form problem

So I went to apply for the warm home discount today but it said the name on the system has to be the same as on the benefit forms. Well our benefits come through in my partners name. The form had a link to add another name to my account but when I follow it, there is no such option. I checked the help and it said to go to account and then its under payment options… but I don’t have that because we are pre-pay customers. So I can’t add my partner’s name, so I can’t apply. I can’t get through to help.
Any ideas?

Try a different browser. I could add husbands name. Only problem is apparantly his date of birth isnt valid. Neither is mine! So I cannot get any further with the application. As it’s limited applications and they don’t reply, I probably won’t be able to get it sorted in time :frowning:

Same issue here …birth date keeps coming up invalid :rage:

I’m having same issue about date of birth, did you manage to get urs to work after?

Not in Hubbys name.
I suspect its because the system has the original account holders details and anything else is invalid.
The good thing for me, I am down as appointee anyway for OH’s eligibility so hopefully that will be enough!

A different browser hasn’t done anything. I’ve sent an email and keep trying live chat. Fingers crossed I get help in time.

I had the DOB issue but reformatted it and it went through

Bulb are a bunch of .com merchants should be reportted to trading standards

No way can you get warm home discount I’m switching back to another supplier

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