Warm home discount form

How do I do the warm home discount form just keeps taking me back to log into your bulb account :angry::angry:


Which screen do you get to before it returns to Bulb log in.
Did you log into bulb then help then type warm home discount
Choose 1st link

I have-

We’ve received your application

You should receive a confirmation email shortly.

I can’t get the warm home discount form just keep taking me to community page

Sounds as though its a browser fault.
Though i had applied on day of launch.
Which screen takes you to the community page from warm home application.

I just press the link for apply for warm home discount and it just takes me straight back to join community

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Other than asking those affected to clear cookies
Maybe a call to Bulb could help.
I’m unable to test as WHD link takes me you you’ve applied page.