Warm home discount...how do I apply

I have tried many times to apply but it doesn’t send me to the right page.
Can some please help as to where I apply for the warm home discount please.

try here, unless you are core group in which you do not need to apply

I have tried all this. When I click on…apply for It, it just send me to this community page, doeant take me to an application page.

click on this link and scroll down until you see the big green apply now button

I have loads of times and that’s all it does…just keeps sending me to the same thing…not an application page :woman_shrugging:

that being the case you will need to contact bulb direct for an account reset
0300 30 30 635

So I can apply online? Phoning would be the better option?

Hi @winkyd,

I’ve just reset your log in, so you should now be able to apply for the WHD - let me know if you have any issues with that.

It’s worked :grin: thank you for sorting it out.