Warm Home Discount / New Bulb Customer / DD


Was thinking of bringing my Mother over to Bulb but have a couple of questions;

She currently receives the Warm Home Discount currently with SSE / will she have to inform anyone if she transfers her Gas and Elec to bulb or is this done automatically ?

Its suggesting her DD amount will be £53 a month this is above what she would normally pay also the addition of the above Warm Front Discount / Can she manually change this in her account to say for example DD £35 to better reflect her usage and warn front discount ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi there @Plusone she can indeed get the warm home discount with us but she’ll have to apply for it again when she switches over to us, the application won’t be transferred when she gets to us. In terms of the payments yep no problem she’ll be able to change her payments to any amount she likes after the first payment date through her bulb account, and if she gets in touch straight after starting the switch we’ll be able to manually change the first payment amount as well.

Ok Thank You