Warm home discount paid but not on meter

Hi, I received a voucher code for warm home discount yesterday in error and after chatting with a member of your team they said it would be cancelled and credited directly to my meter. I received an email a few hours ago to say that this has been credited but there is nothing showing. Could you check on this please?

Hey @Rubyblue2104,

Thanks for your post! And welcome to community :wave:

I can see that my colleague Teolon has processed your request. Sorry we didn’t update you but I can confirm this has now been added to your electricity meter. Your new credit is £130.03 as you will see in your account here: Bulb account

– Daisy :bulb:

Thankyou! My meter did update this morning. I also did the form to have it split between Electricity and Gas was this received please?

Hi @Rubyblue2104,

It does not look like any WHD credit has been transferred over to the gas meter. I have sent you an email so I can follow up on getting that sorted for you.

– KT :bulb: