Warm Home Discount Payment recieved

Just recieved my Warm Home Discount direct into my account and it appears they are skipping the December DD payment due on the 25th

I am broader group just for refference

Mine just arrived too. Also broader group

My payment on 28th seems to be going out as normal even though I’m now £240 in credit with two pending referrals

I think I forced it. I went in to change Decmebers to a Tenner then noticed it said next payment January so changed it back for then . The WHD has put me over 300 in credit though so it might be that

If credit builds up too much you can request a refund. I may do but I’m going to wait until both my referrals have come through and I’ve got my December bill and see where I am then

I have had a couple earlier in the year and pulled them straight out. I over quote when I move to new suppiers to make sure I have a buffer. Mind you my consumption has dropped due to changes in habits and a new combi boiler replacing an old back border

Noticed that too, after receiving my WHD, and bulb recommended reducing my monthly payments - from the Jan 2020 one.

Can’t see them skipping the (old) December one surely - but you never know :grin: Will be well in credit then, and have not had any problems previously reclaiming a refund - leaving the required one month’s credit in the account of course.

Soon see, as Ive just submitted a reading, as this month’s statement is pending and Dec’s D/D is due out shortly too.

I submitted and reading and got an email saying they were taking a payment in 3 days yet my account still says next payment due 25th Jan . So who knows

Maybe it should have said NEW payment due 25th January (like myself) rather than NEXT.

(ps It was a nice surprise getting the WHD, without fuss and so early - ideal this month, so credit due to them - pardon the pun! :wink:)

maybe . No big deal its all money in the bank anyway

Hi Everyone - if you’ve just received your WHD payment, then we’ll still be requesting your monthly direct debit as usual.

If you’ve built up a lot of credit and would like to lower your monthly payments, you can do that from your online Bulb Account.

You can also request a refund by getting in touch with us directly (feel free to drop me a message!)

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Hi William

Just switched from npower to yourselves.

Agreed payment of 69.75 coming out tomorrow 24/12.

Been on bank and it says a direct debit to bulb is pending to you for £110 .

Can you clarify what’s going on as I only been with you 1 day and issues are already developing.

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Still not received my WHD yet ;(
Hopefully before end next week, so i know whether i can put heating on next month more, when it really cold up here…
I got the most expensive heating system out - electric/wet central heating radiators … with no gas in building…

Not my home, so i cant change em…

My account says Next Payment January 25th . I put meter readings in today and it says its over 3 days before my bill so you will use to estimate . My normal billing date is the 25th. I have had an email saying you are requesting payment so which is it? do I follow the email or do I follow the website ?

I just changed the monthly payment as bulb instructed me to, and my next payment is also showing 27th jan 2020…
Is the 27th dec one still coming out guys ??

Just got an email, Friday 18:47.

Confirming they’ll be taking the next due payment on the 26th as normal, for the new REVISED amount, so it does start with the Dec. payment.

I am nearly £480 in credit but that doesn’t bother me as every time daughter comes down she puts it on as well as the electric fire, I don’t care how much credit the account has I will ask for it when I need it.

Payment not taken of showing as pending after the holiday either