Warm home discount payment

When will I be able to see when the warm home discount is paid?
Today is the day it is supposed to be paid as I am in the core group but I can’t see any payment when I log into payments and statements

Hi @Maureen :wave:

So the Warm Home Discount payment for core group members is actually paid out by the supplier of your property on the 4th of July from the year before. Therefore, as we started your account for this property towards the end of July 2021, it would be the supplier that we took over from that would need to pay that out for you.

The supplier in question is Utilita, so it would be best to give them a ring to discuss that. Their customer service phone number is 0345 207 2000. Please let me know if you have any trouble with that, and I’ll do my best to help out :grinning:

-Luke :bulb:

I did contact Utilita but their agents seemed unable to help.
I’m not sure if this helps but on the 4th July I was a bulb customer at my previous address and didn’t move into my new address until the last week of July.
As the new property was a pre payment meter I rejoined bulb within 5 days as bulb didn’t allow an existing bulb as account to continue to my new address

Do you have any further information on my previous email?