Warm home discount- prepayment meter

Hello all

Has anyone heard anything about the warm home discount and is on prepayment meters? I applied right at the beginning and sent a copy of my child tax credit notice alongwith it as requested. I’ve recieved no correspondence at all and I’m now a bit concerned. I’ve called up customer service who won’t give any information at all. Very confused and would have usually have had it by now with my previous supplier.


is your income above the level?

No everything is as it should be. I’ve been awarded it for the past 4/5 years through British gas.

I’ve now spoken to bulb who confirmed my application has been taken for a random audit and I should hear back within the next 2 weeks

Check your emails…I just noticed today the payment was sent to me in a pdf 3 days ago :wink:

Defo haven’t had an email from them but thanks for your advice. I spoke to bulb who confirmed my application was in an audit so should hear from them in a cpl of weeks

i also applies and do not know where to look to see if i got mine nor can i look on my account for anything