Warm home discount question

Hello I just want to know if the bulb account has to be in my mums name to get the warm home discount as she’s a pensioner we have always gotten the warm home discount but would her name have to be on the account too ? Or does it just go by the fact she’s a pensioner ? Many thanks

Hi @sidjohn77

Yes, the person who is eligible would have to be named on the account. You can add her as a secondary contact here.

Does your mum receive the guaranteed element of pension credit? If so, she would be in the core group and the supplier she was with on the 7th July would be the supplier you would get the Warm Home Discount with.

Let us know if you had any other questions.

Hello thanks for the reply yes my mother is a pensioner and is in the core group and gets pension credit the link won’t load up to add her on the bill is there anything else I can do ?

Hello @sidjohn77

I can add the name for you. I will send you a direct message to get the details.