Warm Home Discount scheme

Information about the Warm Home Discount Scheme can be found here:

My question is:
As bulb is not a participating member of the Warm Home Discount scheme, it would mean to many potential customers, it would cost them £140 extra to switch to bulb (opportunity cost).

A quick comparison for me: It costs me £14/month extra with bulb compared to Bristol energy because bulb doesn’t participate in the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Is bulb interested in joining the scheme in the future & what is the likely timescale?

Thank you.

Hi @abs, The Warm Home discount is offered by suppliers once they reach a certain number of customers. We aren’t at that point yet but once we are, we will participate in the scheme.

List of Energy Suppliers who provides Warm Home Discount scheme - https://vswitchusave.co.uk/blog/list-energy-suppliers-provides-warm-home-discount-scheme

Bit naughty really as that was one of the reasons I swapped over from Bristol to Bulb as the U switch site says you offer warm home discount

Thanks @karen - super helpful! And @sarah9521, I’m sorry you weren’t aware that we don’t offer the discount. We checked recently that USwitch were giving out the correct information, but we’ll revisit it to make sure.

Are you guys offering the Warm Home Discount yet?
You have reached more that 2,000,000 customers and still no sign of the WHD.

This is what I’ve found on searching: " Energy suppliers with over 250,000 domestic customers are required to participate in each element of the scheme. "

So why is BULB not offering the WHD yet ?

You have reached more that 2,000,000 customers and still no sign of the WHD.
Was this a mistype? They've recently reached 200k customers, not 2M.

For those interested, the figure that @joejoe is referrering to is from here.

With Bulb’s growth over the last few months, I could see them reaching 250k customers shortly after the new year which is significantly sooner than @“Andrew at Bulb”, @lauram and @“Shaunagh at Bulb” had suggested the warm home discount would be available (here, here and here).

Based on the guidance for suppliers, Bulb will be become a compulsory supplier when they reach 250k customers, however unless they reach that figure before December 31st, they will not be obligated to provide WHD until the start of 2019.

Compulsory Suppliers A licensed electricity supplier is a compulsory supplier in a scheme year if the supplier, plus any connected licensed gas and electricity suppliers, had at least 250,000 domestic customers on 31 December preceding the start of that scheme year.

Morning all.

We’re busy working on Warm Home Discount. We’ve got a task force on the case in Bulb HQ!

We're busy working on Warm Home Discount. We've got a task force on the case in Bulb HQ!
That all sounds very official!

Hi is Bulb part of Warm home Disviunt scheme yet ?

@Milena22, not yet, it’s been less than two weeks since the last update!

Is Bulb part of the warm home discount yet? I’m freezing and have a chronic illness

Hi @ClareB17, sorry to hear that you’re struggling to keep the house warm but unfortunately Bulb do not offer the warm home discount scheme yet.

The latest update is that it will be available for winter this year (2018).

Hi I’m wondering if I join after March will I get the warm homed discount for 2019, I have the qualifying criteria!
Kind regards

@tricky1974 We will have the warm home discount for winter 2018/2019. I hope I’m understanding your question correctly.

How do I apply for warm home discount?

@Thc33 - Currently we do not offer the Warm Home Discount so you can not apply for it yet. Once we offer it for the winter of 2018/19 you will be able to apply for it through us. We will make this process as simple and as clear as possible.

Hi. Is there any news on warm home discount?

Hi. Is there any news on warm home discount?

This should answer your query (I found it in the Help Section) : https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001245512-Can-I-get-the-Warm-Home-Discount-