Warm Home Discount scheme

Hi, I was going to get a Bulb quote for my motherinlaw who receives a Warm Home Discount. Unfortunately I noticed that you are not a participating company in the scheme and therefore wondered if you are considering joining as this would then let me proceed for my mothernlaw.
Many thanks

Bulb do offer this now, as if April this year, Bob :slight_smile:

That was one of the factors that helped us join them and their excellent feedback from customers and organisations such as Which? etc.

All the best

Ian B

Hi @Bob_B06 That’s great to hear that you are helping your mother-in-law switch to greener/ cheaper energy. I am sorry that it was unclear that we are now offering the Warm Home Discount, as @IanB helpfully pointed out, we are now offering the Warm Home Discount for the year 2018/19. Once your mother-in-law has signed up if she is in the core group of WHD receivers she won’t have to do anything and if she is in the wider group she can register her interest by emailing help@bulb.co.uk asking to register as interested.

Thanks for your reply IanB & Ben that’s very good news

No worries @Bob_B06

Let me know if you need anything else.