Warm Home Discount Update

Hi has anybody recived the WHD?

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Yes I got an email this morning to say that the WHD has been applied to my account. I have logged in and it was there :grinning:

Nope but I am in broader category not on pension credit but thanks for update

Hi @Lesley_C1971,

This is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing this with us! :bulb:

Best wishes,

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Hi @casinoang

Not to worry! I have just taken a look into your account now for you, and sent you an email to update you on your Warm Home Discount application.

Please do check your emails, and feel free to get back to me with any further questions you may have!

Best wishes,

I’m Broader group as well but nice to hear someone has recived their x

Hi, I am also in the broader category. I did have issues with regards to what category I fell under so initially finding evidence was hard but one I got that sorted and confirmed by Bulb I was able to submit a successful claim. Fingers crossed you get yours soon.

hiya no not heard anything yet

Yes, I’ve just received the email telling me it’s been credited to my account. Really chuffed, cheers Bulb. :partying_face:


Apparently mine is subject to random audit by dwp so it’ll be delayed I assume not heard from dwp yet though

Am broader group and I’ve not got mine yet

Could be March !! Bulb can look at applications you may get response I did

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also in the broader group here, still waiting applied October 29th.

Yes, It makes a huge difference I only found out about it last year completely by chance so applied for it then for the first time. I’m in the border group on universal credit with limited capacity to work so just needed to screenshot the page with payment’s and deductions. The form did confuse me a little but eventually found the right options to select, wasnt expecting to hear back so soon. No worrying about being extravagant having my dinner with the lights AND heating on… all at the same time!
THANK YOU :heart:

My mums still waiting for hers she’s on pension credit I wish I could get an update on it

Hopefully one of the staff on here may e mail her with an update . Dwp do have a helpline my friend on pension credit n rang them she’s not had hers yet but thy put her mind at rest

I received mine about a week ago and I am in the broader group

Hi hope you don’t mind me asking was this your very first application for WHD or did you get it last year?
Mine is first time as only just retired and qualify , that’s why I feel I’m being audited .

I think mine was audited last year, that was the first time id applied for WHD, this year I was surprised how quickly it was applied to my balance but I had sent the application within the first few hours of them opening the applications. If you know that you meet all the criteria and sent your proof documents there’s probably nothing to be concerned about but I completely understand what the anxiety waiting for updates is like.

I have mine every year since 2018, I submit my application as soon as it becomes live on the site.

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