Warm Home discount while joining

I’m waiting to hear from Bulb if you will honour a referral from my friend when neither of us were aware of this scheme so that I don’t feel compelled to cancel my account just in order to remain using the referral link as that will now delay the whole of process esp as I am now concerned about being included as well in the broader group WH discount. Does anyone know if I will receive the application form for that while my switchover is pending as I don’t want to miss out on it. I am especially concerned at them saying this is First come first serve basis and within a quota as there are no numbers published about how many applicants they will sign up for broader WH discount scheme. Is it hundreds or thousands? Definitely meet specific criteria for it but if it’s pot luck who gets included based on quotas it seems unfair and undermines the principle for it being there. I therefore also hope the missed referral can be honoured so I’m not delaying anything else if I have to rejoin. So do new customers who are still.waiting for the energy switch date to take place receive their application forms too?

@MB8 I have replied to your emails about the warm home discount and referrals. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.