Warm home discount

I was with Scottish power and got warm home discount but was messed about so moved to a different company who also offered warm home discount to be told only certain areas of the country they did it for. So I moved to bulb as on U switch it said these offer warm home discount, but I haven’t seen anything about it and I’m wondering do I need to register or will I just automatically get it still?

Hi @sarah9521 unfortunately, we do not offer the Warm Home Discount. However, you can find a full list of those suppliers that do offer the Warm Home Discount on this page from Uswitch https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/warm-home-discount/

Please point me to the place on Uswitch where it says that we offer warm home discount? We need to let them know to remove this incorrect statement.

We will be offering the warm home discount by winter 2019 (not this winter or next, though).

Some of the comments from Bulb regarding the WHD seem to be a bit confusing.

Will Bulb be participating in the scheme from winter 2019 at the earliest? Or when you have reached the required 250,000 required customers? (As I’ve read on another thread in the forum).


Hi @A_Clay87 we will be offering it as soon as possible, but do not have exact timelines in place yet. I have added you to a list of members who are interested in the programme, so you will certainly receive updates when we have them. Owen

Can I get added to the list too please Owen? Many thanks

@AhDavey We’ve got you on the list as well

Hi @AhDavey and @A_Clay87

We’re going to hold off on making a list for this as we think there’s going to be thousands of members keen to either:

Receive the Warm Home Discount
Tell friends or family that we’re a supplier that supports the scheme

Instead, we’re going to be making an announcement about this when we’re ready to support the scheme, so keep an eye on your emails as that’s going to be where we’ll let you know about this!