Warm Home Discount

I am moving from Scottish Power and have received this discount for the last few years will this continue or will I have to reapply

Hi lewoody61

I’m sure a Bulb Customer assistant will answer this in due course, but shouldn’t be a problem at all, as Bulb so now offer this as from April 2018 so will hopefully put your name on the list, and will be in touch with you nearer the implementation.

All the best :slight_smile:

Hi @lewoody61 as @IanB says we’ll be offering the warm home discount this winter (yay) and we’ll be opening up applications and whatnot later on in the year. If you’d like me to put you down as interested I can do that for you too, just let me know

When the WHD is rolled out, will there be a limited number of applications that will be accepted, first come, first serve,
Or will there be a time limit to apply?

Thank you.

Hi, @volvo there’s a core group upon which there is no limit and these people do not need to apply, this is for people who receive the guaranteed element of pension credit. If you need to apply there are a limited number of applications that we can accept so we will be accepting applications on a first come first serve basis. To be notified when we open applications you can just add your details here http://bulb.co.uk/warm-home-discount.