Warm home discount

Hi, i need to register for the above .

Hi Fauzia

I’m sure once a Bulb representative sees this request, you will be added to the register. You could send them an e-mail or call them to make sure though.
(help@bulb.co.uk is their e-mail address or phone 0300 30 30 635 anytime from 9:00am till 6:00on Mon - Friday)

My elderly mother has (with my help!) switched to Bulb from Scottish Power. She qualifies for Warm Home Discount and the money is paid each year directly to her Scottish Power account. Now that A/c has been cancelled, how do I go about switching this year’s payment to Bulb? Thanks.

Hi, if you fill in this form, https://bulb.co.uk/warm-home-discount/, you will be notified in September when this years applications for the WHD open

Thanks Callum. That’s it done.

do give any to elderly?