Warm home discount

Has anybody else been awarded the warm home discount with a prepayment meter?
With previous suppliers I was sent a letter with a bar code which the shop scanned or a key with the money on. However with bulb I’ve received an email with a voucher number. When I went to my local Paypoint they couldn’t top up my key.

Yep same with me it all went through printed voucher but said credit failed. They couldn’t understand why.

Hi @Sheenaje and @Bertie74

Hmmm. We’ve checked the codes and they should be working. Here are the instructions of how to redeem the credit.


  1. Type in TAG first
  2. Select option 3
  3. Shop puts in their unique 4 digit pin number
  4. Prompt to put the key in
  5. Keep hitting enter until successful


  1. Key in first (will say invalid key, just press enter)
  2. Select RTI
  3. Shop puts in their 4 digit pin number
  4. Enter TAG

Let us know if it’s still not working.

Hi was there a successful resolution to this as I am having the exact same issues now?