Warm Home Discount

Today I just switched over to Bulb and then discovered that I cannot apply for the £140 warm weather payment with Bulb as the cut off date was the 7th July 2019 for Bulb customers. The £140 payment is stating as applying to my previous supplier (British Gas). Yet British Gas state if I switch suppliers then I forfeight the £140 warm weather payment.

So it seems I’m screwed by both companies on this one and I should therefore cancel my switch, stick to British Gas until April and then switch. This all seems farcical.

That was for 2018/2019 the 2019 /2020 applications are not open yet

It’s the Government that sets the qualifying cut off date which was 7 July 2019.

Hi @Bolton,

There are two ways to qualify for the Warm Home Discount - eligibility under the Core Group or the Broader Group, each with their own criteria.

The Core Group will receive the WHD payment every year, without needing to apply. For 2019/2020, this would be provided by whoever your supplier is on the the 7th July 2019. Therefore if you are part of the Core Group, British Gas will be providing your WHD payment - even if you switch to Bulb and they aren’t your supplier anymore.

The Broader Group is slightly different, as you need to apply each year to receive the discount. Bulb’s WHD Broader Group applications will be opening later this month, in October, so there’s plenty of time to switch and apply if you’re interested. You can register your interest here and we’ll drop you an email as soon as we’re ready to start taking applications.

Different suppliers have different criteria for the Broader Group. This means that if you were eligible with British Gas, you wouldn’t necessarily be eligible with Bulb.

Our Help Centre has more information on the Warm Home Discount and contains our Broader Group Criteria from 2018/2019. We’re hoping to expand on last year’s criteria for 2019/2020, which we’ll be announcing later this month.

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I am new to this blog. How do we apply for Warm Home Discount and when?

I just tired to sign up for the Warm Home Discount which granted me £140 last year with British Gas. This year I switched to Bulb and after after finishing the application the’ve stated I’m not eligible.

So if you’re on ESA unfit to work, former soldier and live alone. DO NOT SWITCH TO BULB THEY WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU. I just lost out on £90, minus the £50 sign up bonus thanks to these scammers who target the most vulnerable.

what group you in for ESA?

Home Discount_ is our disabled 92 year old mother who is living with us able to get this if so how do we apply


You are able to apply for the Warm Home Discount through your online Bulb Account.

If you are applying on the behalf of someone else who’s living at the property, you’ll need to let us know so we can register them as an account holder.

You can also do this by phone when you’re both together. Call us on 0300 30 30 635 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. We’ll confirm with the second person that they want to be added to the account.

I am on ESA and get the Warm home discount