Warm home discounts paid out

How long will it be for the warm home discounts to be payed out

Hi @shazdonald30

There has been a delay with members who have prepayment meters due to a technical issue with the post office.

We estimate the WHD voucher will be issued in January via email. We apologise for the delay and can assure you that you will get the WHD.


I applied for the warm home discount in the day applications opened and since then have had a chat via email and found out my application was accepted. How long does it take to receive the voucher email as I’ve had nothing yet?

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Another member has asked the same question and the answer is here.


By the time we get the winter warm payment it will be the start of summer what good is the winter warm payment then? My old provider gave it in November when it’s needed most :woman_shrugging:t3: Has anyone had there yet ?

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a lot have gone to audit i applied the day they opened and still not heard

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I applied for the warm home discount and have been told 3 different things from their customer service i think they are hanging on to paying out for as long as possible they have to pay it by march 31 2021 im not expecting it before then

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Hey @michellesnowball and @pammy

Thanks for the post, Sorry that you have not had the discount yet.

The plan is to get these vouchers to you ASAP but as the above post stated we have had a delay with prepayment WHD’s due to the issue with the post office.

Thank you for your patience so far. We are working to get this sorted for you.


Hi there, why post office vouchers ?? especially in these current times? My old provided applied it direct to my prepayment meter ??! Why are you not able to do this ?? My old provider also txt when my balance was getting low thus not having to go through being cut off and having to wait 20 mins for you to put my credit on :roll_eyes: your company seems to very behind.

I just got my Warm Home Discount voucher and you want me to go out and break quarantine and go to the post office

I’m on a smart metre why can’t you just put it on my metre
Just look at the rolling rate here there’s a complete outbreak in my town why can’t you just put it straight onto my smart

Just look at the rolling rate here there’s a complete outbreak in my town
might b a good idea to remove your postcode

Oh I’ve worked it out now thank you Skippy 64

I had not thought about that
I have just called them and they are going to try and help me.
They were very nice when I called I have to say and very understanding about how at-risk I am

Well, it’s over 3 months now and this WHD is no more coming than Christmas is coming. Dog slow this year, not at all impressed, so much so that I’m considering switching.

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Yep I’m waiting too applied on day 1 27/10/2020 if you go to help it says we will pay out in 2-3 months of applying I’ve spoke to bout 4 agents givin runaround audits , processing, thy just don’t want pay it good luck

Hey @BWo and @casinoang,

I am really sorry for the delay, but both of your accounts have been selected as part of the audit process and we can’t make any payouts until the audit batch is complete. We will have made the payments by 31/03/21, but hopefully much sooner.

I wouldn’t recommend switching until you receive your payment, as it could cause complications and I want to make sure you definitely receive the WHD.

Any other questions, let me know.

Thanks but it’s been since 27/11 with dwp on audit can’t I chase them ? So now it’s March ?

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Hi, I have a thread on here that no one’s replying to. I lost my WHD a few days after topping up my meter because my meter broke and got changed for a normal meter.
I’ve sent emails and complained but no one is getting back to me on here or email. It’s been over a week since I complained about lack of communication… and no communication! It’s a joke!
Can you check my thread please and let me know what’s happening with my account and my complaint.
Thank you.

have flagged this for you, hopefully someone will pick it up

Hi @PinkPumpkin,

I’m really sorry that this has been your experience, I’ve sent across an email and we’ll discuss further there about how we can get this resolved for you.

I’ve had a look and we’ll be able to get this refunded for you as you’ve lost the credit, so please don’t worry!

Ok thanks. I hope someone will contact me soon!