Warm home entitlement

Hi I’ve registered my interest with you to apply as I qualify I’ve only been with you since feb but you haven’t acknowledged my interest do you not send a confirmation e mail until autumn? And I fall into broader group how do I know if I’m successful ?( is it first come first served? ) Thank you

I applied late last year and was credited into my Bulb account in early February so the application and reimbursement system works

Unfortunately Covid has happened, affecting Warm Home Discount applications which are dealt with by the Government, not Bulb (who merely pass your application to the Government and the Treasury pay it)

It works on a qualifying basis, not ‘First Come, First Served’ and the delays to applications are because the Government have been busy these past few months

Bulb can only do so much with hurrying any application(s)

That’s great thanks for that Shaun much appreciated ( nice to have got reply from bulb tho )

@casinoang Thanks for getting in touch.

If you’ve registered your interest for the Warm Home Discount scheme, we will be sure to alert you as soon as applications officially open in autumn.

You won’t know if you’re definitely eligible until you complete the form in the autumn. For the broader group, there are various benefits and financial situations that could make you eligible. These will be finalised in the coming months.

There is an element of first come first served as well as we only have a certain number of Warm Home Discount grants to distribute to eligible candidates. I’d recommend filling in the form as soon as you’re emailed and you shouldn’t have a problem :slight_smile: :house:

@shaun5948 Thanks for getting involved on our community, we love to see constructive conversations between our members :bulb:

Just to clarify, there is an element of first come first served as we only have a certain number of broader group Warm Home Discount grants to give out each year. It’s generally only late applications that risk missing out but we always encourage people to apply as soon as they get an email from us to avoid disappointment :slight_smile:

That’s great thanks as I am in the “ broader group” I understand

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