WARNING meter replacement may seriously injure your old boiler

I had a smart meter fitted recently, and it has seriously damaged my old boiler… the boiler was working fine until the instalation, imediatly afterwards it started struggling to ignight… i called the emergancy gas line , and they can and reset and resealed the smartmeter,… the gas pressure was too high…

unfortunately my boiler is now not working at all .

approach smart meter installation with caustion as it may damage your old boiler

cost incurrented approx £400

This applies to any meter replacement, not just smart meters.

Why the smart meter scare story?


because if i had been warned i wouldn’t have bothered switching to a smart meter …out of pocket and seriously inconvenienced … rather than saving money

What I mean is if your meter needed replacing, as they do have a shelf life, the same problem could occur. This is in no way smart meter specific. The problem would have happened sooner or later.

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Fortunately for me my old boiler went years ago

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