Warning regarding recent Bulb Smart Meter installs

With a heavy heart I left Bulb on 21st May for a number of reasons but mainly my view that the competence of the company was dropping due to perceived stresses on support. I had to be proactive to get Bulb to zero out my new meter on my online account, my bills were becoming regularly issued late, the freezing high my direct debit payment one month when it didn’t need to etc. I also didn’t like the delayed reducing of gas prices until after the cold months ended.

Upon moving to Octopus, Octopus informed me I had 2 electricity meters (I don’t) and that my gas meter was different to the one in my property. Both my meters were replaced in December by Bulb but it looks like Bulb haven’t been bothered to update my meters on the national databases correctly as the two wrong meters had the old serial numbers on them.

If you recently had your meter replaced (and when I say recent, December is my recent) you should check with Bulb that they have correctly updated your meters on the respective national databases. I know we are going through a national crisis but I would have expected all this to have been updated well before lockdown started from December to March.

Octopus has removed the old electricity meter quickly, but the gas meter is stuck as my old one and taking more time to change as they are submitting Bulbs meter change themselves. I do plan to write a complaint to Bulb but I thought I should let people know here so they can check for themselves.


Hi @Chapuys,

I’m truly very sorry for the experience you had with Bulb. We do always make sure to update the national database after a meter exchange and therefore in this situation we didn’t fufil what we’re should of done. For this I’m really sorry.

I do recommend filing a formal complaint with us so that we can reach a resolution that you’re happy with.

The best way to do this would be to email: complaints@bulb.co.uk

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I suspect this is a common problem, had solar pv installed in March, I applied to Bulb for export payments only to be be told I did not have a smart meter. Bulb had fitted my Smart meter mid November 2019 and had been reading and billing from from that point. After a number of emails and sending photos of the smart meter to prove I had a smart meter it turned out Bulb had not added the meter to the national database. Getting Bulb to install a smart meter in the first place was a long drawn out process, but not registering once fitted is just very poor service. I am still with Bulb but I will need a good reason to stay considering the new competition from other green suppliers.


Hi @pauln

Firstly, welcome to the Bulb Community.

I’m really sorry to hear there was a delay in sorting your export payments. As @Noah_at_Bulb said, whenever we do a meter exchange we should update the national database to reflect this. The fact that we didn’t and this then caused an issue with your export payments is not up to our standards.

I’d likewise advise raising a formal complaint regarding this issue, as it sounds like it was drawn out much longer that it should have been. The easiest way to do this is to contact the email listed above.

Once again, I’m sorry for all the trouble you’ve had.

I would like to update this thread.

After two months trying to fix the issue Bulb caused by not registering my ‘new’ smart meters, Octopus have thrown in the towel and are sending out an emergency engineer tomorrow to replace both of my new Bulb smart meters with their own.

Its still a mess and Octopus have not been able to bill me accurately yet as Bulb sent final meter readings based on my old meters even though they were billing me with my new meter AND my final bill has the new meter on it (but a vastly smaller reading to my final reading). They can see my smart electricity meter but not my gas. I can’t give gas readings as my old gas meter, for example, was in the 26,000’s so Octopus cannot record a reading of 365 for my gas on the wrong meter. It is now just easier for Octopus to replace the meters at this point.

I haven’t submitted a formal complaint yet to Bulb because I feel it won’t go anywhere now (and Bulb never replied to previous emails which was one of the reasons I moved on) but I just feel disappointed that I held Bulb in such high regard and it seems to have fallen so far.


Hi @Chapuys

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble with your final statement at Bulb, it sounds like when we replaced your meters we didn’t update the industry. This means their estimates will be based on your previous meters.

We can fix your final readings with us by raising a dispute with Octopus to have the change of supply readings changed. That way you can be charged in line with what had been used on the smart meters we installed. I am really sorry your account has been handled so poorly, it isn’t up to the standards we strive for. I’d recommend emailing complaints@bulb.co.uk outlining what has happened so we can handle this urgently for you.