Was quoted £250 for the whole year and now you are asking for £910

Last I year I was quoted £250 per year. I was charged £20 per month and on my final bill you are asking £660. And again for next year you are quoting again £250. How is that even possible ?

Their quotes are based on estimated usage. Their request for payment will be on actual usage. I’d assume.

£250 per year is if you’re living in a small cardboard box.

Impossible to say why that estimate was given without more information. I’d suggest most likely is a misunderstanding on your part, since there’s not a chance anyone could have bills as low as £20 per month. Dual fuel standing charge alone is £149.24 per year without any energy use!

I agree £250 is low but £800 is a lot too!

Yes I agree but it’s a off by a lot

Hi @kon_christop

The average annual energy bill in the UK is about £1250 according to Ofgem and the Money Advice Service: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/blog/how-much-is-the-average-gas-and-electricity-bill-per-month so it sounds like your bill is still quite cheap relative to that.

Is there any chance that the £250 figure may have come from information you provided about your annual usage when you joined? Or perhaps the property was unoccupied the previous year so the estimate could have been based on an unrealistically low level of usage?

If something like this happens again, when you get a notification that you have a debit balance building in your account, you can log into your Bulb account and increase your monthly direct debit payment rather than letting it add up for a whole year. You can use this link to get to your Bulb account, then go to the payments and statements section: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard

Hope that helps,