Wasted time for an installation that never happened


I have a question regarding an installation of a smart meter. I had one booked in to be installed and was told if I’m not in for the engineer I’d get charged £30. Fair enough but what’s annoying is I wasted half a day off work for this installation, to only be told by the engineer he can install it , but he’s been told not to by the powers above.

So do I get £30 for wasting my time and now have to wait another 2 months to get a possible smart meter installed?

Cheers in advance.


Hi @maniacmart,

I’m sorry to hear your smart meter installation did not go through. Could you explain a bit more about why this wasn’t able to go ahead? Was this on the day that he was informed by ‘the powers above’ not to go ahead. Do you have anymore information?

We compensate £30 if the job does not go ahead but we would need to look into this as the job went ahead, it just wasn’t possible.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hello @Daisy_at_Bulb

He said something about the top up service wasn’t working therefore I wouldn’t be able to top up In a few days when I’d need to. So that was the reason he couldn’t install it and the manager / whoever that’s above him giving the orders told him to not do the job and go home.

So if the service had been down all day why wasn’t I informed in the morning saying there’s a chance it might not get installed?



Hi @maniacmart :wave:

It looks like the engineer wasn’t able to install your smart pay as you go meter because the signal strength wasn’t strong enough, which would have meant it wouldn’t have worked smart so you wouldn’t have been able to top up. I’m sorry this wasn’t made clearer to you.

I’ve been advised that the signal strength is improving pretty quickly, so by the time your next booking is, it should be alright.

– Meg :bulb:


Initially I have booked appointment for smart meter installation on December 15th but the engineer did not turned and it got cancelled. After lot of struggle found appointment December 21
but again engineer did not turn up. This is second time it’s I have awaited and wasted time. Second time no proper communication that appointment cancelled.


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Hi @Arun - welcome to community :wave:

I’m so sorry the engineer didn’t arrive in your 4 hour appointment window. This usually means the engineer scheduled to install your meters was rescheduled to an emergency job, or had to call in sick.

I know this is frustrating, so we’ll add £30 credit to your Bulb account for keeping you waiting. You’ll see the credit in your account in the next 10 days.

– Meg :bulb:

Ive had 2 wasted days where the smart meter people neither turned up, or bothered contacting me. I am told they will show up the third time in a few weeks, but frankly ive stopped believing anything im told by bulb now.

Hi @cliff

I’m really sorry that the engineer didn’t arrive for you either, you’ll of course be compensated too.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi @megan_at_bulb - I am yet to receive credit of 30£ for job failure(2nd time)on December 21st I have sent complaint email multiple times and support person keeps saying it’s added already. I have got statement generated today and in that as well its not reflected. Would able to check and update please.

Hi @Arun :wave:

Two lots of £30 compensation has been added to your account - on the 17th December and 2nd January.

If you go into the ‘Payments & statements’ section in your Bulb account you see it added as ‘Account credit’.

– Meg :bulb: