Way to check if I have an economy7 tariff?

I’m wanting to test my overnight storage heaters before the winter but wanted to make sure that I’m on the economy7 tariff. I’ve looked in my account settings and can only see “vari-fair” tariff that I’ve heard everyone’s on. Any help would be appreciated. Just don’t want to run up a large overnight bill when I do it. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I am on economy 7 and it’s still referred to as vari-fair.

The details of the tariff though clearly show the day and night unit rates. Your meter should show two (or 3 due to the total combined) registers and you should also have two separate day /night entry points when you choose to enter your meter readings.

The statement clearly shows these readings and cost allocation for day / night.

Actual timing however is determined by the meter itself, older mechanisms could drift but will be the same as under your previous supplier which fitted them unless it’s a smart meter which could be reconfigured.