Way too high bill comparing to previous ones

Hi! I have a really big problem. I was paying around £68/month until last payment which was £188. That is way too much and the problem is that I can’t afford to pay that lot. You already got the payment and now I am f…g skint…do you think this is OK for a customer?
I’m telling you it’s not! I’ve sent meter readings absolutely every month and you also put a really high debt on my account.
Why is that? Can you tell me why are you doing this? You want to earn capital on customers back? Is that what it is? Don’t tell me about misreading because there are none. Difference between readings has never been too high and yet you still added HIGH debt on my account. Do something about that.
If you don’t know how to do it I’m giving you an idea… check all my readings since I started with you, sum them and see how much they estimate to and then you should know how much I have paid so far and if there is any debt! This will be the last month with you if you don’t do something about this! You can’t just put your hand in my pocket and skin me. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m not going to be your fool anymore!
Please understand my position and do something about this matter!
Thank you!

It can’t be a coincidence that so many customers have had unreasonable hikes in their DD due to inexplicable increases in consumption. Something is going on with bulb.

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Hi @samy_alex_07 - welcome to the Bulb Community. :wave:

If we receive meter readings showing higher usage than your original monthly payment amount, then we will suggest increases to your payments to ensure your account doesn’t fall further into debit.

It does look like this is the case here - we’ve received a reading from you showing much higher usage than we’d previously estimated, which has created a high bill. I’m going to send you an email about this now so we can discuss further.

Yes, exactly! Honestly now, I don’t know what to do! They keep saying that it is what it is! I’m sick of them over my head, over everything! I’m so disappointed, I didn’t expect this and I felt so confident when I first started to work with them!
Now I wish I wouldn’t have had clicked on that f…g advertise about Bulb! Soon people will think of them as scammers.

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