We are having trouble communicating with your meter

my meter balance hasn’t updated on the app since 4 days ago its displaying the message we’re having trouble communicating with your meter we’re fixing this right now. check your meter to see your current balance or come back later . Also the top ups are failing to go through .
I tried asking for help in the live chat but the person wasn’t interested in the problem only kept asking me if I can see my balance on the in home display which I can but the whole point of moving to bulb was so I can see my balance on the go from my phone and top up on the app .

I Also tried to explain I had the same issue in December and with my previous supplier and the smart meter team at bulb had to create a 40 digit number for me to type in both meters to reset them so maybe this is what needs doing again or for them to upgrade my meters to smets 2

Hi @Denise - I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues topping up and viewing your balance on the app. If you give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 we should be able to get this sorted for you as it may be that the meter needs to rejoin the network. In the meantime, you should be able to see the balance on your actual meter :slightly_smiling_face: