'We don't have enough data to draw a graph yet'

How much data do you need ??. Gave a meter reading when we moved in and two since. Initial bill way higher than expected and double what we were charged by Bulb at our previous address, hence very suspect actions by Bulb !

Hi @RichardChes - nice to see you back on Community :partying_face:

We need at least a months worth of readings usually before the chart will update- this is because the chart is your monthly use, so a reading from 02 Sept and then 12th Sept isn’t enough at the moment.

You can see all the readings in your Bulb Account however at the bottom of the use chart like this:

As you can see, we are using your meter readings submitted to us so we’ll bill to your actual readings. At the moment your payment amount is based on the information we received when you did a quote with us as well as things like your estimated annual consumption. Once the first bill comes through we’ll have more information about your use and you can take a look at the suggested payment amount and amend it here as needed: Bulb account

– H :bulb:

Being a long term bulb customer I know how Bulb works things !. Once again I’m in a position where Bulb has taken too much money and I’ll probably have to ask for half of it back. We gave the first reading when we got the keys on 4th August and asked to move over to Bulb at this address, that’s over a month.

@RichardChes - The meters only switched to us on 2nd September so we’ll only be using readings from there forwards on the account so a reading from 4th August would have been relevant to your old supplier :blush:

As I mentioned, we take the DD for the first payment based on the info we have from the industry and what you gave us when signing up (e.g. inputting your annual consumption). If this is high, once we bill for the first month and can see how much you use, it can be adjusted down through the Bulb Account

– H :bulb: