We have moved from bulb confirmed and bulb with holding credit

Please be aware I consider this theft not only that when I look at my account you wish to close it 20th may which means another payment will be taken.

Please get this refunded by Monday please after which I am contacting ombudsman.


When did you actually switch from Bulb?

It can take 6 weeks for the final bill to be produced by Bulb and any credit refunded.

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The account is in considerable credit, wouldn’t give us the money we were in credit hence why we looked at leaving.

we have ben informed that we are officially with the new supplier, I have taken this issue up with my MP.

it is disgraceful that you hold money for so long and without just cause.

So I am asking my MP as to why this practice is going on, there is no need to have such delays.

So whether its legal or not is is a disgraceful practice and it needs addressing with legislation.

The ombudsman means I have to have formal deadlock notification and i consider the action is deadlock its unnecessary.

But appreciate that the delays for me are probably going to drag on, but as the process too drawn out it needs addressing.

so its twice now as far as i am concerned you wont allow us to have money which is ours.

make excuses doesnt make it right in my book whether its legal or not.

I assume you realise you are talking to a Community and not necessarily Bulb employees?

Should be interesting to see the Bulb comment on your refund issue?

its sad when it comes to money they wanted to put prices up whilst we were significantly in credit, lets say several hundred pounds and asked to refund all but £100 credit which is more than my monthly payments.so didnt even ask for it all back either.

hey ho they re emailing me at the minute with a response that I see as shameful regarding closing account and issuing a final statment and a refund.

bulb were good in the beginning and are absolutely shocking to deal with, will be checking if my family that were with bulb pre lockdown are still with them or not and see what they think and maybe they should do a new comparison although to be fair they probably change more often than we do.

I am aware of this process and you dont have to wait 8 weeks, you have to wait until deadlock, we are at deadlock from the original credit refund requested months ago and left because enough was enough.

The process whether legal or not needs to change and hence why I have included my MP.
It amounts to theft as far as i am concerned but legally that may not be the case.

They have the readings and indeed they have readings supplied a few days before we officially left. We can verify our new account starting details if required and a final bill can be calculated instantly, indeed in the past i have submitted meter readings by the online form and it appears almost instant, not possible to submit online now so done with a bulb representative so it can be generated and transferred by bank transfer in minutes.

withholding things for 6 weeks on top of the initial refusal of refunding a significant proportion but leaving £100 in credit many months earlier worries me about getting any of my money back, actions like this are usually by companies desperate to hold on to money, although maybe given the posts in this forum is plain incompetence, either way not acceptable.

If the process is legal then things need to change and the only way for that to happen is to get my MP to raise the issue.

Just how is it in any way right, for an account in credit by a significant amount to wait 6 weeks pay two companies for energy, just to have it refunded a 3 weeks later on top of the existing credit.

In the first instance the bill can be calculated now.
The direct debit could remain open but at a £1 rather than a full monthly payment of nearly £90 (although we should be refunded immediately rather than made to wait 6 weeks).

I am well annoyed and the system has to change, it be almost impossible for some customers to be trapped with a company because of the way Bulb are saying it works.

Not everyone wanting to switch to save money will have the means to pay two bills side by side?

To give you an idea.

on 29th March submitted readings
account closed on 8th April

so 10 days standing charge and 15 units of electric, haven’t done the calculation for gas but isn’t going to be mega by any stretch. So it isnt going to swing massively until we make the next payment which we shouldnt have to at the normal monthly contribution rate.

Hi @MadWayne, I’ve responded to you query about your final statement in a separate thread, if you want to take a look :relaxed: