"We need to increase your payments" - no you don't I'm in CREDIT


My current monthly payment is £166.62. For the last three billing cycles I have been UNDER that amount, and with the summer coming on the bills are getting lower and lower. Last month the bill was £122.

To get rid of the winter build up I credited my account with an extra £150, putting me £70 in CREDIT.

I received an email from you yesterday:

" We’ve calculated your monthly energy usage based on the readings from your smart meter, and it looks like we need to increase your monthly payments from £166.62 to £217.93 . We’ll use this new amount for your next payment on Sunday 18th July ."

Obviously a mistake, so I went on the site to reduce the payments and the minimum I can pay is £196.14!!!

Please fix immediately.


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A webchat worked for me.
I had a similar experience - they kept telling me to increase my payments even though I was in credit and it had been explained to them that the house was not being lived in. Very helpful guy talked it through with me and reduced my payments to £30pcm, which will cover standing charge and the very small amount of energy used to run the smart meters (which don’t work!), burglar and smoke alarms.

Thanks for the info.

“A webchat worked for me.” So what’s the forum for? My assumption was that Bulb would be responding.

Hi @jim8236 - welcome to the Bulb community!

As @SunnySkies pointed out, you can also get in touch with us via live chat, email, phone or social media. We can also help here, it might just take a little longer as the Bulb community is primarily for member discussions about our products, rather than service queries. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see you made a one-off payment on your account just as we sent you our payment review email, so it looks like the latest payment may not have been taken into account. We should be able to adjust your payments here - I’m going to drop you an email about this now.

Jim I have been through this three times now. The system is unsatisfactory. I have twice moved my direct debit date forward to prevent Bulb using inaccurate latest balance figures. Each time Bulb ten moved my billing date causing the same problem. I have now cleared my balance and would like to pay on receipt of each bill. How do I do that?

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Hi @brynleydm,

No worries - you can pay on receipt of bill instead if that works best for you. You’ll just need to have a look on our payments page and email us as per the instructions below:

Someone from our revenue assurance team will get in touch with you to get that set up. Any questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

Thanks. I will deal with it today

Regards Bryn

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I have had the same issue. Hopefully someone from bulb will contact me to resolve this.

Hi @Hotspur223 :wave:

I’ve just seen you posted on another thread so I’ll reply to you there!