We need to switch your second supply point

I’ve just had an email from Bulb saying:

It looks like you have 2 electricity supply points at your property. We should have switched both when you joined us, but we only switched one of them. So we’ll need to add the second one to your account now.

If you only have one supply point, or don’t want to bring your second over to Bulb, let us know by clicking the button below.

So I clicked the button and it appears to be asking me whether to proceed with the switch or go back to my old supplier. Thing is, I switched to bulb nearly two years ago and everything has been fine since then. Nothing has changed at my home so I am mystified as to why suddenly this suggestion that I have two supply points. I don’t.

I do have a Solar PV installation and my electricity meter (since 2011) is an import and export meter with separate MPRNs for each. Could this be the problem? As I say though, nothing has changed since the successful switch to bulb almost exactly 2 years ago.

Very curious. You’ll have to contact Bulb directly through their customer service channels, rather than this discussion forum. Do come back and let us know what happens!

Of course I mean MPANs not MPRNs