We’re partnering with Samsung to help you get more out of your smart meter

Bulb and Samsung have teamed up to provide a new tool members can use to understand their energy usage and make smarter, greener decisions at home. In this post, find out how you can use the SmartThings app to save on your bills and cut carbon. […]

Full post here https://bulb.co.uk/blog/were-partnering-with-samsung-to-help-you-get-more-out-of-your-smart-meter


Tried it,just says obtaining data this could take a while.

I just don’t get why Bulb are trying to enhance their Smart Meter offering, before fixing the original fault!


It seems this is only working for electricity meters right now. When will it be rolled out for gas too?

Just like most things you offer it does not work. Downloaded and installed and uninstalled 9 times so far with the same fault. It gets to the point where you put the 16 digit number in and it then says - error please re install the app. Not doing it a tenth time. Waste of time.


I’ve tried to set this up but after entering the GUID number I always get a ‘network or server error occurred. Try again later’. Any suggestions? Phone and IHD are on the same WiFi connection…

This (smartthings) is one of the reason why I am currently switching to bulb…
I currently have a Scottish Power Elster AS300P + AM110R smart meter, electrical only. Will this smart meter be replaced by a bulb one (smet 2? ). As this is all markes as the property of Scottish Power, what will happen to my smart meter?

@iustin any idea?
Should I continue with the switch to bulb or stop it if I am stuck with my current smart meter and smartthings won’t work?
Please let me know what will happen on the smart meter front.

Hi @carrontony,
I am afraid that you cannot get a SMETS2 meter because you already have a SMETS1. That means that you won’t be able to use the Smartthings app for now.

I’ve received at least one email from Bulb offering me a SMETS2 smart meter even though I already have a SMETS1 meter that you are reading. I ignored it due to the issues with your SMETS2 installs. Are you telling me that if I had gone ahead with this that eventually the installation would have been refused, despite the offer being made by Bulb? Perhaps the offer email was sent by mistake, which wouldn’t surprise me.

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If the Smartthings connect to the IHD, can my IHD be changed?
I am concerned that my SMET1 smart meter loses its smartness, ie back to manual reading and estimate rather than half hourly reading?

I believe your meter’s SMSO is CGI which I think Bulb support so it should retain its smart functionality.

Something else from Bulb that does not work. First, this would be a great addition, if the actual SmartMeter works in its basic operation. My SmartMeter has never really worked correctly since the day it was installed in March this year. I also tried the Samsung app and like many people I got an error. Again Bulb are all style over substance. How about just telling us when you are actually going to fix Smart meters so the work in their basic operation.

I was told early 2019 that my SMETS1 meter would be “readable by Bulb by the summer” and should it not be, they would install a SMETS2 meter. Nothing has happened and they still cannot read the meter. @Eleanor at Bulb


I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now and everything is working well. The hourly gas data is really useful. I can really see the difference on colder days when the cost of getting the house up to the set temp is higher. Also let me see how much we wasted when we left the heating on when we went away last weekend! To see the cost you have to go into the “use in detail” bit.

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Tried to use this on my Android phone. Tried multiple times in two different houses both with recently installed SmartMeters, both with reliable working WiFi connections.

The procedure you provided does not work. Tried MULTIPLE times in both locations and got “System/Network Error” sometimes after entering the GUID. My WiFi and Internet were working fine for other devices and applications. When trying to “Pair PAD to Account” it either continuously says “waiting…” or the passphrase appears for a few seconds and then disappears or the passphrase appears which is then entered exactly as it appears only be told it is incorrect. Tried reporting this to SmartThings but they were not aware of the IHD6 device!

Don’t you guys test this stuff before you send it out or did you just want to be “first” (get it out there and let your customers test it).

Hi Just signed up for you smarthings offer. I have recently moved into a new house which has a v1 smartmeter. Will bulb replace this with a v2 so I can use this functionally.

No they wont, you’ll have to wait 12-18 months for your SMETS1 meter to be enrolled in the DCC and regain smart functionality. You’ll still be able to use the smart things stuff (i.e., control the remote smart switches as normal) you just wont be able to access your smart meter data. If that’s the only part you wanted, then it would have been worth checking this before switching.

makes me laugh how bulb have the disrespect to post these things when you can even be bothered to answer emails or messages

I’m a customer. Bulb staff have “at Bulb” at the end of their name. This is primarily a customer forum. You can tell this by the way I wrote “no they wont” and not “no we wont”.

Hi @iustin . I have an early non-wifi IHD3. Can I get it changed for the up to date wifi version so I can use this functionality?