We’re Ramping Up Smart Meter Installations

We’re bringing back engineers to install smart meters across England, Scotland and Wales. In the next few weeks, we’ll gradually increase the number of engineers. If there aren’t any appointments in your area, please try again a week later - more will become available over time.

Smart meters are great for tracking your energy usage, making the grid greener and mean you’ll never have to submit meter readings again. Find out if you can get one now.


Does this mean that the problem connecting smart meters to the network in the Northern region has now been fully resolved?

When are the installed ones going to work? My gas one still not working and it was installed in May 2019. Have contacted about it numerous times and nothing has ever happened.


So yeah, next door have smart meter installed, on Bulb. Mirror of my apartment. Same set up.
Bulb cant install meter in my home.

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Hi @norman7115 and @Chrisofthewhites,

I’m going to email you both now so we can look into getting your smart meters fixed.

Hi @Ishouldleaveuk,

I’m going to also email you now and we can look into your set up at home to see if we can book in a smart installation for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Before you do can you clarify rates. My system is on Economy 7 all thou i have no enconmey 7 heaters so pointless really.
I Think its 12pm.to 7am.
The smart system rate is how much and the hours are what?

Perhaps you can get one to fix my meters as they stopped reporting last week and the IHT is now in a reboot loop as it can’t connect to the meters. One of your agents suggested the walls in my house were too thick. The walls are exactly the same thickness as they were when the meters were installed last year and they worked ok then.


Hi @maurice_miner,

I’m going to send you an email now so we can look into getting this sorted for you.

Just an update to say that Noah has been in touch and helpful about getting this sorted yet, not fixed yet but he’s making an appointment for me and I have more faith that he’ll get it sorted thant the previous people I was dealing with, so although I’ve had bad experiences in the past with the issue, it wasn’t Noah I was dealing with so won’t blame him! Thank’s Noah


Hi iustin - I’m with bulb for both gas and electricity. I’m told my gas meter being one of those semi-buried items can’t be smart-enabled.

Can I get just an electricity smart meter?


My meter is in the corner of my living room mounted in a 5 inch thick 3 ft x 2.5 ft brick bunker with a wooden hatch lid, and a pain in the ass to read the meter. Having a smart meter fitted here I doubt it will work when it comes to receiving any data.

Hi @eyupLad, we’re not able to just install a smart meter for electricity if we have you for both gas and electricity. However, we are now able to install second generation (SMETS2) smart meters for some properties with semi-concealed gas meters.

I’m looking into this for you currently, so I’m going to send you an email about this later today to see if we can get this done for you.

Hi @ernieboy62, welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

I’m probably going to have to have a look into this with our metering team, so I’m going to send you an email about this. Would you be able to send me a picture of the box that your meter is in, so we can see whether you’d be able to have a smart meter installed there?

Hi, can you please book me an appointment for mine to be installed as well? gas&electricity, have had no communication on this for a while. thanks

Hi @evenda, firstly thanks for joining Community! :wave:

I can see that you have Prepay meters - we’re still expanding what we’re able to book with our meter operators, so we won’t be able to book this in for you right now. I can see that my colleague has raised a booking request for your meter exchange, so we’ll be back in touch once we can get this done for you :blush:

thank you Lou for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good but as usual Pre-Payment meters aren’t being upgraded - please get this sorted. :woozy_face:

Hi @DAxNO1 Welcome to the Bulb Community

We’d love to be swapping prepay meters for smart as well! Once our engineer capacity has been fully scaled up we should be able to book these jobs in

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I’ve used your link and it just says I have already got a smart meter and you’ll contact me when you can get a reading from it. Okay, I get that, (though I’ve been waiting years for it), but there’s no mention at all of smart gas meter? I’ve not got one. Why can’t I book an appointment for that?

I had one booked in before lockdown, obviously it was cancelled, was told someone would be in contact to set up again and haven’t hard anything and every time I look there isn’t any avaliable appointments :frowning: